Battery Electric Bumper Cars For Sale


Name: Battery Electric Bumper Cars For Sale

Type: battery
Operation:Steering wheel
Material :Steel frame, FRP
Seat material:PU
Buffer tire:Professional bumper car buffer tire
Accessories: LED lights
Life time: 5-8 years

It is a kind of classy and popular ride all over the world.It’s suitable to people at all ages in amusement parks,People will feel thrilling and happiness when bumping the battery and electric bumper car.they can feel the face-to-face feeling and experience the joy of victory. Many players can enjoy themselves in this game, just like participating in a funny game.


A battery powered bumper car is definitely different from a vintage bumper car, the battery is used as dynamic device in battery bumper car and it provides energy through the motors, gears and some chains to drive the wheels to run. A remarkable point is that the battery bumper cars with incredible floor-adaptation ability can even run onto an ice ground. The charge time is about 3~6h, then it can be continued working for 8~10 hours..

Featured Beston kids bumper cars

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Beston Two Methods Powered Electric Bumper Cars

Skynet powered electric bumper cars for sale

The oldest and most classic method uses a conductive floor and ceiling, each with a separate power polarity. Contacts under the vehicle touch the floor while a pole-mounted contact touches the ceiling, forming a complete circuit to supply power. With this power method, your fairground only need common ground.


Ground net powered electric bumper car ride

A newer method uses alternating strips of metal across the floor separated by insulating spacers, and no ceiling grid. The alternating strips carry the supply current, and the cars are large enough so that the vehicle body can always cover at least two strips at any one time. An array of brushes under each car make random contact with whatever strip is below, and the voltage polarity on each contact is sorted out to always provide a correct and complete circuit to operate the vehicle.

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