Break dance ride for sale

Break dance ride for sale

  • Cabin No. 9/15
  • Size φ12/15m
  • Area φ14/17m
  • Height 2.9m
  • Power 16.5/22.5kw
  • Capacity 18/900persons
  • Voltage 380v

Overview Of Beston Break Dance Ride

The break dance ride is a thrill attraction amusement ride for all family designed in 1985, now it has been a successful ride for carnivals, parks, fairground and family entertainment centers.
As a professional amusement rides manufactrer, Beston is the leading breakdance ride supplier in China. Three items break dance for sale with competitive price for you, it also called “rotary magic gyroscope”. if you like, the ride on trailer is also available.


Parameter Of Beston Break Dance For Sale

Cabin No. Size Area Height Capacity Power Voltage
9 φ12m φ14m 2.9m 18 persons 16.5kw 380v
12 φ15m φ17m 2.9m 24 persons 19.5kw 380v
15 φ15m φ17m 2.9m 30 persons 22.5kw 380v

Design And Operation Of Beston Breakdance Amusement Ride

Breakdance consists of a dodecagonal platform with a diameter of 20 meters, upon which are mounted four hubs, each bearing four two-person cars. The entire ride is on an incline of 7.5°. When the ride is activated, the platform rotates, the hubs rotate in the opposite direction to the platform. The combination of the platform slope, hub movement, and weight displacement within the cars cause them to rock back and forth, the oblique join mount and the motion of the ride allowing the cars to rotate through 360°.


Beston breakdances incorporate backdrops, and the provision for sound systems, elaborate light displays, and special effects equipment is made. Controls for these additional systems can easily be routed through the operator’s console.


Traveling versions of this ride can be disassembled and stowed on two 40 ft trailers, one for the ride itself, the other carrying the platforms, backdrop, special effects equipment and ticket box.

Different Style Of Beston Breakdance Ride Cabins


The color and patterns are all can be customized by your inquiry.

Service Of Beston Breakdance Ride For Sale

If you are looking for a quality Breakdance amusement ride, Beston is your ideal supplier. Just send an e-mail or leave a message to get the price and more details.

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