Carnival Kangaroo Jumping Rides

Carnival Kangaroo Jumping Shoes For Sales

  • Arms: 6arms/8arms/10arms/12arms
  • Passenger:12/16/30/36 persons
  • Power:7.2KW-24KW
  • Area:7.5-16mDiameter
  • Certificate: CE & ISO09001




Product Details:

Kangaroo happy jumping is also known as self control Kangaroo, Its cute cartoon image makes it more compelling. After moving the kangaroo will rotary and jumping with the music. When you join it you will up and down with the kangaroo as well as rotation with the kangaroo. Sitting on it likes flying in the Sky. It is very comfortable, totally relaxed and very happy.

It is operated by a control box. When the ride works, the players rotate along the long track and feel that they are experiencing a wonderful, it is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics(FRP), equipped with gorgeous lighting, great music, Non-fading and durable painting. The whole designs in updated cartoon figures and colorful painting make kiddy play merrily and enjoy great happiness.

They are widely used in many places, such as, theme park, playground, and kindergarten etc. We believe the kids will like it very much.

Technical parameters for kangaroo jumping shoes:

Item Kangaroo jumping Kunfu panda jumping Jumping machines (New Design)
Arms 6arms 6arms 10arms
Passenger 12 persons 12persons 30persons
Power 7.2KW 10kw 22kw
Area 7.5mDiameter 7.5m Diameter 12m Diameter
Item Kangaroo jumping Kunfu panda jumping Jumping machines (New Design)
Arms 8arms 8arms 12arms
Passenger 16persons 16 persons 36persons
Power 11KW 11kw 24KW
Area 6m Diameter 8.6m Diameter 16m Diameter
height 3m 4m

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