89M High Ferris Wheel For Sale

89M High Ferris Wheel For Sale

  • Drive power:37kw
  • Area(foundation) :48*45 m2
  • Voltage:380v
  • Wheel Diameter:79m
  • Cabin:49*6 persons



Introduction of the 89M High Ferris Wheel:

As a large-scale and exciting amusement park equipment manufacturer,the 89 meters Ferris Wheel is favored by venturesome person which can fully meet your thrilling demound. Passengers sit in the overhead bin , ups with the turntable , broaden our horizon and have a good view of the beautiful scenery .

The Specification of the 89M High Ferris Wheel:

Mode GL89
Area(foundation) 48*45 m2
Drive power 37kw
Total Power(with lightings) 155 kw
Voltage 380v,50Hz
Wheel Diameter 79m
Cabin 49*6 persons
peripheral speed 17meters/min
Notice It takes about 15.5 minutes to complete
 one rotation; it goes way of clockwise


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