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1. Hand Drawing-Beston is a rising star in the amusement rides industry.

  • *Fully understand clients’ cultural background, amusement park theme and style to determine the basic line of product design.
  • *Ask and know about customers’ products orientation that belongs to the landscape orientation or business orientation to determine the product regulation.
  • *Fully master the operation mode of devices, and explore the best entry point.


2. Mechanical Design

Beston is a rising star in the amusement rides industry.

  • *Determine bearing mode of devices, and appearance of the cockpit.
  • *Determine perfect mechanical structure as well as decorative composition with integration and realistic simulation.
  • *Guarantee a smooth operation.

3. Carving Models

Beston is a rising star in the amusement rides industry.

  • *Select appropriate shaping material to do the main appearance carving.
  • *Carving mechanical components, consistent with appearance.
  • *Adjust and optimize the main structure, and complete carving the whole models.


4. Experimental Production


  • Beston is a rising star in the amusement rides industry.
  • *Follow high standard, accord with technical requirements strictly, and do good mechanical electrical production preparation.
  • *Bind realistic appearance and perfect mechanical structures together to produce high quality products.

5. Finishing Debugging

  • Beston is a rising star in the amusement rides industry.
  • *GB cockpit load test in accordance with safety standards.
  • *The whole machine condition test in accordance with the national standard requirements.
  • *Perfect delivery to customers.

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1. Investment Solutions

1.1 Amusement Park Positioning

Investment to amusement park must consider the group characteristics of target tourists first, which is the foundation of address selection, product selection, amusement park design and investment scale.

1.2 Amusement Park Site Selection

Amusement park projects are different, so it is necessary to give attention to the site selection and reach a consensus in the construction phase. Shopping malls, supermarket, commercial establishments are preferred addresses for indoor amusement park, and tourist attractions, funfairs, carnivals for outdoor amusement park.

1.3 Amusement Park Product Selection

The most important thing of product selection is not “large” or “expensive”, but “according with the project positioning and possessing high quality and safety”, then to select the best supplier based on your demand.

2. Operator Training

Beston takes part in the operation and management of indoor and outdoor amusement parks, whether they are small amusement parks with small coverage, or large-scale amusement parks with areas of thousands of square meters. So our team has accumulated enough experience and has the ability, according to the actual circumstances of each customer, to customize your own operations and management plan.

3. Operations Management System

Amusement rides operations and management system not only relate to the safety of tourists, but also determines the effectiveness and success of the investment. So it should be given the same attention just as the site and rides. Beston suggests investors to recruit staffs with experience of operating play equipments, and set up a professional management team, then train the safety knowledge and equipment operation for all the staff to enhance safety awareness and sense of responsibility.

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Overall Planning and Design

Experienced designers of Beston will provide you with professional overall amusement park planning. “Amusement park positioning and planning” is the key to the success of amusement park investment! We have a young and talented professional amusement park planning and design team, and our rich experience and continuous innovations are our advantages!

Overall Planning Cases

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1. Professional Service and Technical Support

professional-service-and-technical-support1.1 Service and Technical Support
“Service and Technical Support” is an important part of our amusement products sales. Sinorides provides “Amusement Park Product Layout”, “Foundation Drawings” and “Power Supply Technical Requirements Document” for our customers to help them install amusement rides.
1.2 Installation and Training
According to the packing list, our engineers will check the goods with our customers together. In addition, if needed, we will send engineers to install and debug equipment on-site, and our engineers will undertake training on related technology and equipment operation.
1.3 After-sales Service
In order to help customers solve problems timely and provide technical support, we have established a comprehensive “after-sales service and technical support” response system. 7 * 24 hours online service is always for customers!

2. Amusement Rides Parts Supply

Standard Amusement Rides Parts Supply System

Mechanical amusement rides can be divided into 8 categories, including hundreds of products, according to the operation mode. Beston has established an integrated parts supply system and done countless durability tests to these mechanical accessories and electrical accessories from the quantity and quality to meet customers’ various demands. Our parts supply is also a “7*24 hours” response system, so if we receive a phone call during the daytime, the goods will send on the same day; if a phone call in the evening, the goods will be delivered the next day.


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