Big Pendulum Ride/Frisbee Ride For Sale

High Quality Big Pendulum Ride/Frisbee Ride

  • Load:24 persons
  • Swing angle:120°
  • Ride height:11.5m
  • Power:30kw
  • Turntable diameter:5m
  • Speed:6-12 r/m  Area:10x12m



Product Detail:

Big Pendulum is also called Frisbee Ride/Space Travel. It is a kind of amusement equipment which makes circular motion along the horizontal axis. There are two kinds of transmission structures??—hydraulic and mechanical. The most obvious feature is that passengers rocking roll with the start of the equipment. Once you take part in the equipment, the feeling of weightlessness makes passenge travelling in the space. It is very popular among the youth.

Specification of Big Pendulum Ride:

Upper transmission Down transmission
Floor space required 12m*18m Floor space required 12m*8.8m
Equipment height 12m Equipment height 9m
Power 75kw Power 15kw
Maximum pendulum angle 110° Maximum pendulum angle 55°
Speed 6 circles/min Speed 6 circle/min
Crew number 24 Crew number 24

Why choose us:

1. Designed to fit your desired thrill and budget;
2. Advantageous in marketing and visually appealing;
3. Provide a greater resell value;
4. Reduce your total construction cost.

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