Skynet powered electric bumper cars

Sky-Net Bumper Car SNBC-001

Sky-Net Bumper Car SNBC-002

Sky-Net Bumper Car SNBC-003

Skynet bumper car is a mobile games. Equipment includes a bumper car vehicles and an indoor venue. There are power-grid ceiling. Inside there for passengers to drive small electric bumper car. Four weeks bumper cars are made from rubber fence by receiving the vertical pole ceiling to take power. Usually the capacity of thecar is two person, with the accelerating pedal and steering wheel.

Application: sky-net bumper car/electric-net bumper car is suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, animal parks, children parks, playgrounds, squares, shopping mall etc.

Sky-Net Bumper Car SNBC-004

Sky-Net Bumper Car SNBC-005

Sky-Net Bumper Car SNBC-006

Skynet bumper car, with a combined block section of conductor of the power supply network is in a large enough insulation board plurality of conductive strips arranged adjacent conductive electrodes of the opposite, each of the conductive strips each with the appropriate method connected to the end of the power of the same name. When an object in the power supply network in the freedom of movement, or can draw power from the electrical power supply network via a sliding contact group. Article massive power supply network can be applied directly to the amusement park bumper car supply. With this method of bumper cars powered activities, you do not have holes and ground steel, direct access to the common ground. Bumper cars are the rules of the game: for the fastest driver in the field to complete the round and round, the way you can rampage, the car hit the opponent to open. When time is up, the game ends when the operator of the power supply is turned on. Bumper car speed is usually very slow, even if the impact will not harm people and vehicles.

Bumper cars Bodywork: Usually stripping fiberglass production.Glass steel reinforcing material is glass fibers. Glass fiber is drawn into the molten glass blown or inorganic fiber materials, the main chemical composition of silica, alumina, boron oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium oxide and the like. Fibers have a filament, short silk and floc diameter is usually 3 to 80 microns, and most coarse hair only as thickness. 10 micron diameter glass fibers, a tensile strength of 3600 MPa, equivalent to the cross-sectional area per mm can withstand 360 kg tension constantly. This intensity is equivalent twice strength of high-strength steel.

Product structure:   1.special designed ground floor and sky net;  2.colorful bumper car bodies and comfortable seats;  3.control box;  4.spare fittings.

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