Rotating Boonie Bears Coffee Cup

Rotating Boonie Bears Coffee Cup

  • Installed capacity: 25KVA
  • Material: FRP+steel
  • Color: can be customized
  • Speed of big turntable: 9.54rpm
  • Certificate:CE & ISO &BV & SASOv
  • Maximum capacity: 36 people



Product Description:

Playground Equipment Boonies Bears king of the forest is a level ground track rotation type rides. The first product Boonies Bears king of the forest park is based on a small bee changes upgrade, it relies on the technical characteristics of mature bees park, but the park has changed the bees bring everyone monotonous impression, in line with recent years play equipment development trend. Boonie Bears king of the forest is a pleasure for the whole family of devices, when a man sitting in the cockpit, it is like being Xiong Xiong two hug feeling in his arms. When the equipment running, the kids took the gun fire, the parents turn the cockpit in turn to make the kids always toward the trees, kids with guns fire small animals and trees bald strong, they will Interestingly issued cries stones ejected both sides lost in the bubble will cause the child’s play environment, distance transform bubble adjusted kids eye-sight, so that children do suffer from myopia less, letting the kids have unlimited fun!

The Technical Parameter of the Rotating Boonie Bears Coffee Cup:

Installation Capacity 25KVA
Diameter of turntable 6 m
Max Speed 9.54rpm
Height 3m
Weight  3t
Power 3kw
Load 18 persons

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